District & School-wide Implementation of

Restorative Practices 

Successfully implementing Restorative Practices district and school-wide requires an intentional and thoughtful strategic approach and plan;

one that values and considers the unique needs, opportunities and resources of the school district with the goal of embedding and sustaining all aspects of the restorative principles and practices across the district community of students, educators, families and community partners over time.


Following research based implementation science and utilizing a multi-tiered systems approach, we provide resources, guidance, strategic planning, and internal capacity building for a successful implementation rollout.

Restorative Schools Implementation Essentials


Implementation Preparation:

Prior to launching implementation, taking the time to engage community stakeholders in strategic planning and selecting a rollout strategy that best meets the need of the community. Facilitating needs and implementation readiness assessments, outreach to community stakeholders, introducing components of whole-school implementation and working with the site team to prepare for the launch utilizing implementation frameworks.


Implementation Team

A representative team of key school community members committed to building the strongest school environment possible.  This team takes a leadership role in guiding the implementation rollout across the school community.


Professional Development & Trainings

Professional development opportunities encompass a multi-modal, experiential training delivery approach that strives to meet the unique learning needs of all participants while offering a careful balance of theory, practice and skill building. Participants will experience a variety of large and small group dialogue, interactive activities and simulation exercises. A variety of training techniques such as role-playing, silent reflections, group brainstorming, scenario application, and cycle of inquiry is utilized.


Implementation Support & Sustainability

Coaching:  A critical component of successful school climate implementation rests with the coaching support and strength of the Implementation Team or external specialists to help reinforce, support and sustain the implementation across school sites.


Internal Capacity Building: Trainers of Trainers:

Identifying a core group of individuals for internal capacity building to provide professional development (trainings, workshops and presentations), coaching supports, progress monitoring/data collection and implementation planning at a local level to ensure a sustainable effort over time.

Administrator Leadership:

District and school-site leadership to ensure clear, consistent messaging and modeling of mindset, practices, and systems building across the school community and community partnerships.


Student Engagement & Leadership:

Youth leadership is essential to successful school climate initiatives in schools. It is highly recommended to establish student-led groups or classes include students in collaborative decision-making and offer ample opportunities for students to design, take ownership of their learning experience, and participate in development of peer-led RP processes and activities.


Family & Community Engagement & Leadership

Family members and guardians play an integral role in the success of any climate initiative. Engaging parents and guardians as contributing members of the school community early in the implementation rollout results in a partnership between school/district and family community to co-create a positive and caring school environment to support the learning and wellness of the youth. Actions are taken to build authentic relationships, form partnerships and include parents in the process when higher levels behavior responses may be required.


Assessment and Accountability:

Monitoring the impact of school climate practices and systems on individual students and the general school environment. Identifying strengths and areas for improvement and implementation fidelity data.

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