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Educators often question the compatibility and wonder whether it’s possible to integrate and implement multiple school climate initiatives simultaneously.

We provide answers to these questions by presenting a step-by-step process for utilizing a simple, but comprehensive visual map that categorizes the core features of school climate as a system with multiple moving parts that influence one another.

We partner with educational institutions to show how this visual map serves as both a general guide for implementation of restorative practices, as well as a tool for integrating multiple climate initiates, such as Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, trauma engaged care and practice, racial equity, social emotional learning, mindfulness

(and others) providing a structure and clear direction for one seamless and sustainable rollout effort over time.

Aligning and Integrating District & Shool Climate Initiatives into

One Comprehensive Approach and Rollout Strategy

  • Implementation best practices

  • Approach, principles, values, mindset. Connecting to the “WHY” we do what we do!

  • Classroom and school-wide Tier 1 proactive practices to establish a welcoming, caring and safe environment for all members of the community. 

  • School-wide behavior response approach, restorative justice paradigm and systems building. 

  • Classroom level behavior restorative disciplinary responses, interventions and conflict resolution.

  • Formal behavior interventions and disciplinary responses, alternatives to suspension, re-entry and reintegration into the community after an absence.