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Strategic Planning

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Developing Your Customized Relational & Restorative Roadmap


Should we do it?


Let’s get ready to do it !


Let’s do it!


Let’s make it better and long lasting!

Utilizing a research-based implementation model that incorporates the essential elements of a successful and sustainable implementation rollout, we partner with your community to build a customized plan that takes into account available resources and includes the following strategies:

·  Stakeholder outreach & engagement

·  Establishing a centralized infrastructure of support

·  Identifying a district-wide approach & participating school-sites 

·  Training plan

·  Coaching and established systems of support

·  Data collection

·  Progress monitoring

·  Internal capacity building & sustainability

·  Community partnerships

As a result of our facilitated strategic planning session, your community will emerge with a detailed roadmap to guide your implementation next steps.

* A customized final report outlining the strategic plan will be presented at the conclusion of the strategic planning session.

To learn more or request a strategic planning session please contact us. 

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