Cultivating Connected School Communities

Harnessing the power of relationships and community to establish a strong foundation for social, emotional & academic learning.

We specialize in building and sustaining positive school environments and
equitable behavior systems through relational and
restorative justice principles and practices.

What are relational & restorative principles & practices ?

Introduction to Restorative Practices

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 Restorative Practices

In schools, Restorative Practices are multifaceted in nature; grounded in the traditional practices of Indigenous Cultures around the world that underscore the value of respect, compassion, dignity, and inclusion of all members of the community.


When broadly and consistently implemented, restorative practices will build a positive school environment and strengthen relationships among all members of the school community.  It includes interventions when harm has occurred, as well as practices that help to prevent harm and conflict by building a sense of belonging, safety, and shared social responsibility.

Restorative Practices are based on principles and processes that emphasize the importance of trusting relationships as central to building community, repairing relationships and restoring the community when harm has occurred.



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Restorative Practices build a school culture which is inclusive, infuses fair process into decision-making, & facilitates learning through a relational approach centered around high expectations and high support and care. 


Introduction to Restorative Practices Handbook

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